Wine club

Do you really love wines?

Members of our Wine Club can relax and enjoy our premium wines.  With their subscription they receive the finest wines from all over the world.  Above all, they are the first to receive updates, information and new arrivals.

Are jou a Fine Wine Junkie?

Wine Club subscriptions

Sit back and enjoy our monthly ‘Wine Club Subscription’ packages and receive a fixed amount of bottles delivered to your doorstep. Choose between our 12 subscription models Basic2, Basic4, Basic6, Basic12, Premium2, Premium4, Premium6, Premium12, Executive2, Executive4, Executive6 en Executive12 and enjoy our carefully selected wines by our in-house sommelier.

Our in-house sommelier will contact you directly after ordering the subscription to determine your personalized wine package based on your personal taste.

Receive two, four, six or twelve bottles per month delivered at the comfort of your home and rate them in order to optimize your next delivery.

Keep Calm – Drink Wine